Weekly Content Blog #46: E-I-AI-O

Weekly Content Blog #46: E-I-AI-O

“Artificial Intelligence” is all the rage these days. The ‘AI’ in Shadows of Adam won’t drive your car or cook you a meal, but hopefully it’ll be more engaging than relying on pure random chance to simulate enemy behavior. In fact, Shadows of Adam doesn’t have any ‘AI’ in the traditional sense. Every behavior is written as a series of patterns and rules which then simulate the intended behavior, with a single exception. We wanted our AI system to have a subtle touch of intelligence so it doesn’t ‘feel’ like pure random chance. Thus, we made the enemies communicate with each other so the actions of their companions will influence the actions another enemy will perform. Here is an example of how this plays out: Enemy A is going to lower the defenses of Kellan, Enemy A will then tell his companions what he intends to do. Enemy B will receive the message “Hey, Kellan will be weak. Attack him!” and will prioritize attacks on Kellan. Subtle touches like these is how we are planning on standing out in an increasingly competitive and crowded market.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots showing the AI rules in action.

If that’s the Dragon calling for help, then that’s how you know we have a kickass party.

Partying with bumbling pirates in a magical world filled with wraiths, airships and magic that sets things on fire. What could go wrong?

The rat is using Soul Bond, right? Please don’t tell me it’s that evil shadowy thing in the middle…I want to go back to partying with the pirates.

Spoiler! Here is an actual rule set in the game. Can you figure out what it does?

Again thanks from all of us at SC for helping make our kickstarter and Steam Greenlight a huge success! We cannot wait to get you guys this game! Hold tight and keep following us for weekly updates. Also please visit any of our other social media outlets:

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