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Something Classic Games announces TWO new projects!

Something Classic Games announces TWO new projects!

Something Classic Games is thrilled to announce the production of two new exciting JRPGs: Quartet and Pillars of Dust. Spearheaded by members from the Shadows of Adam development team, the games will also be developed with new outside collaborators.

Pillars of Dust:

Josh Garlitz (programmer and developer of Shadows of Adam) and Andrew Steadman bring together a JRPG with an arcade feel. Speed through the game as two men on an intersecting quest, or take the time to explore and learn about the storied past of the once prosperous nation of Alluriga. Grinding and repetition take a backseat to exploration, bizarre characters, and jokes about wimpy hands.


  • Two main quest lines that come together
  • SELECT which order you want to complete the game in: play through one character’s entire arc before starting the other’s. Choose carefully: the order you play in will confer advantages to the other character!
  • Unique dialogue and world building: exploration and talking to everyone and everything will be worth your while
  • Keep track of your progress as you try to earn the legendary 100% completion
  • In game currency is chicken nuggets
  • Pillars of Dust is aiming for a Q1 2020 release on PC. Follow its development on twitter.


    Quartet is a new JRPG from Shadows of Adam producer/composer Tyler Mire, with original character art from Shadows of Adam lead artist, Tim Wendorf, and writing and systems design from Patrick Holleman, author of the Reverse Design series.

    Eight heroes from four very different backgrounds come together to end the war for the control of magic. Along the way, they discover the secret history that shaped their world in unimaginable ways.


  • Eight diverse protagonist characters
  • Story-driven campaign
  • Four separate opening chapters than can be played in any order
  • Deep combat system featuring eight-character swap-in/swap-out combat
  • Multi-party puzzle dungeons to explore
  • Loads of secret items you can use to break the game
  • Quartet’s release window and targeted platforms will be announced in the future.

    We will be releasing more information about these games, including individual character showcases for Quartet, so please follow us on twitter: @somethingclassc

    Or join our awesome community over at discord.

    Weekly Content Blog #47: Alpha Demo Preview!

    Weekly Content Blog #47: Alpha Demo Preview!

    Hey there SC Fans! Tyler here with a new update. First off, a cool youtube interview was conducted with yours truly and Shayne the Independent Optimist. We talk about Shadows of Adam, Indie gaming and running a successful kickstarter. Speaking of Kickstarter, for our lovely 700+ backers we will be getting you a new alpha demo build in the next few weeks. So to build anticipation, let’s do a screenshot preview!


    Also, we’ve been streaming more regularly! Showing play throughs, bug testing and other goodies! Please make sure to keep up with our social media accounts so you know when we are streaming:

    Weekly Content Blog #40: End of Year Wrap Up!

    Weekly Content Blog #40: End of Year Wrap Up!

    Hello everyone! As you may have noticed we did not have a post last week. This is because we were busy trying to get our demo ready to send out to testers. Since our start in October 2013 we have reached a staggering total of 3000 commits to github. The Something Classic machine has been in high gear creating one of our most productive periods as a team.

    Beta Demo has been sent to testers!

    As mentioned before we have finally sent a playable demo to testers. This is the first time anyone outside of the five of us has played the game. The testers will help us get the product to the highest level of polish for our public demo release in mid Jan 2016.

    Look out for a kickstarter/demo release in Jan 2016 !

    As Josh mentioned in our last post, we are planning to release a kickstarter in Jan 2016. The kickstarter will be released in conjunction with a free playable demo. The demo is around an hour or two of game play that covers The Tangle through the Misty Woods.

    2015 was an amazing year for Something Classic, which has seen a huge update in the quality of our project. It was a long and tough road but we are finally nearing the end. Thanks for taking this journey with us.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Something Classic!

    Looking ahead to 2016