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Role: Composer, Micro Manager, Scolder of Josh Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario 3 Bio: When not composing music for "Shadows of Adam", Tyler can be heard tootin' his trumpet all over Nashville, TN in recording studios and with artist such as The Mavericks, Sam Moore, Tim Rushlow, and others. He also leads his own 18 piece big band, The Tyler Mire Big Band which plays his own original compositions and arrangements.
Pillars of Dust public demo release!

Pillars of Dust public demo release!

Today is the day!

You can now download a free-to-play demo Pillars of Dust.

(Default Key Bindings: Z- Confirm, X- Cancel. Works with some game controllers.)

Pillars of Dust is a retro RPG developed by Retreaux Games and published by Something Classic. It combines elements of NES-era RPGs with arcade games, adventure games, and more.

Josh and Andy at Retreaux Games wanted to make a game that they would want to play – but they also want it to be a game that you want to play.

To that end, Retreaux Games fully welcome comments, praise, and criticism. If you play the demo and want to help improve the game before release, you can take the survey. Just click the link and answer a few questions!

Of course, you can always feel free to contact Retreaux Games on social media, send an e-mail to retreauxgames gmail com, or use the Pillars of Dust channel in the Something Classic Discord.

Thank you all and enjoy the demo!

Reach out on Social media

Something Classic on Discord
Something Classic on Twitter
Something Classic on Facebook
Retreaux Games on Twitter
Retreaux Games on Instagram
Use the hashtag: #PillarsOfDust

About Something Classic Games

Something Classic Games is a developer of interactive media. Based out of Wisconsin, they have an international team of talented folks working under their banner. Creators of the indie Japanese-styled RPG Shadows of Adam for Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch, Something Classic Games is expanding into publishing, with their first published title being Pillars of Dust.

About Retreaux Games

Retreaux Games was founded by long-time friends Josh Garlitz (Programmer for Shadows of Adam) and Andy Steadman. They are currently working on developing Pillars of Dust, an immersive 8-bit style RPG about the intertwining stories of two unique characters.

Pillars of Dust Demo: Coming Soon!

Pillars of Dust Demo: Coming Soon!

Something Classic Games is excited to publish Retreaux Game’s exciting new retro jrpg, Pillars of Dust. Here’s some information about the upcoming demo!

August 31 is demo release day

We will be releasing a playable demo of Pillars of Dust on August 31, 2019. We spent some time incorporating the feedback we received at Replay FX into the game, and we think you will like the results. As an example of something that we adjusted, we made movement smoother – while retaining the speed.

The demo will let you play all the way through to the end of the first dungeon for each main character, Carlton and Gregg. It’s a pretty decent slice of the total game, and it will be jam-packed with secrets for the savvy explorer.

Visit our Steam page

We have created a Steam page for Pillars of Dust, which will go live on August 31. When we release the full game, it will be available on Steam for download. But starting August 31, you can start adding Pillars of Dust to your Steam wishlist so you’ll know exactly when it’s released – and when it goes on sale!

Reach out on social media

As always, we welcome feedback – don’t hesitate to reach to us on social media if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat. Here are some ways to reach us:

Something Classic Discord
Something Classic on Twitter
Retreaux Games on Twitter
Retreaux Games on Instagram
Use the hashtag #PillarsOfDust

That’s all for now. Watch out for the next announcement on August 31!

Keep it retreaux,

Josh and Andy

Introducing the heroes of Quartet!

Introducing the heroes of Quartet!

Alexandra Hin
Element: Earth
Weapon: Oracle cards
Combat Role: Tank
Age: 19
Origin: Wallside, Seren
Occupation: Shop Girl

Alexandra lives in the modern city of Seren, running the family store after her mother inexplicably falls into a coma. Needing money to pay for her mother’s ongoing care, Alexandra agrees to help her brother Alvin with his shady business dealings. Her story takes an unexpected turn when she comes into possession of a deck of cards with mysterious magical properties.

Ben Balani
Element: Wind
Weapon: Kitchen utensils
Combat Role: AoE Magic, buffs
Age: 34
Origin: Unincorporated territory, northern Tyche
Occupation: Cook

The head cook at a fashionable restaurant in the city of Akos, Ben finds himself out of a job when he manifests magical powers late in life—accidentally destroying his workplace! He wakes up several days later to find that he has come under the watch of the Order of the Phylax, a group that monitors mages in Tyche.

Cordelia Helmont
Element: Water
Weapon: Staff
Combat Role: Magical damage, debuffs
Age: 26
Origin: Leornin City, Kingdom of Leornia
Occupation: Mage

The daughter of a well-respected and successful doctor in the capital city of Leornin, Cordelia switched her field of study from medicine to magical law after his untimely death. After graduating at the top of her class, she lost her rightful position in the royal bureaucracy because of a minor political scandal. Frustrated and bitter, she sets out for the frontier of the Kingdom to make a name for herself.

Nikolai Proch
Element: Fire
Weapon: Rifle
Combat role: Healing over time, physical damage
Age: 27
Origin: Village of Therme, Auslen Empire
Occupation: Sergeant

The son of a baker from a small village, Nikolai joined the Auslen Army to see more of the world. After serving as a firefighter and rising to the rank of sergeant, he was surprised by being selected to lead a squad tracking rogue mages on the frontier. His superiors give him a strange new device made for the task, and send him deep into the woods searching for the base of the raider Apingorix.

Jerome Renault
Element: Water
Weapon: Sword
Combat Role: Direct heals, physical damage
Age: 29
Origin: Lorene, Leornian Protectorate
Occupation: Doctor, Spy

A one-time student of Cordelia’s father, he loses his passion for medicine after the death of his mentor. He accepts a job offer from a secret department of the government, and disappears from Leornian society. He encounters Cordelia by coincidence when she arrives in the frontier.

Element: Wind
Combat Role: HP tank, physical damage
Weapon: None
Age: 25
Origin: Windswept plains, Barbarian Country
Occupation: Euruphant

A sentient grazing creature, Juna flees her home when her herd is attacked by a mysterious new predator. After a long and dangerous journey, she crosses paths with an expedition from the city of Seren. She agrees to go back with them, and takes refuge in the Seren National Zoo while she recovers from her wounds and fatigue.

Element: Earth
Combat Role: Physical damage, dodge/evasion tank
Weapon: Dagger, Javelin
Age: 27
Origin: Birthplace unknown, raised in Akos
Occupation: Phylaka

One of many orphans who found their way to the city of Akos in Tyche, Agata was adopted into the Order of the Phylax. She serves to police the city’s mages and track down illegal magic. She is assigned to watch Ben after he manifests his powers late in life.

Element: Fire
Combat Role: Damage over time, buffs and debuffs
Weapon: Gauntlets
Age: ???
Origin: Ruins of Stral
Occupation: Memory Golem

A magical creature sometimes called a “czarobotna,” Zikaron encounters Nikolai on his journey through the destroyed city of Stral. After Nikolai accidentally activates him, Zikaron follows Nikolai around, sending him cryptic messages through a series of illusions.

Who are your favorite characters? Are you #teamJuna or #teamNikolai? Which four heroes will be your squad? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.

Something Classic Games announces TWO new projects!

Something Classic Games announces TWO new projects!

Something Classic Games is thrilled to announce the production of two new exciting JRPGs: Quartet and Pillars of Dust. Spearheaded by members from the Shadows of Adam development team, the games will also be developed with new outside collaborators.

Pillars of Dust:

Josh Garlitz (programmer and developer of Shadows of Adam) and Andrew Steadman bring together a JRPG with an arcade feel. Speed through the game as two men on an intersecting quest, or take the time to explore and learn about the storied past of the once prosperous nation of Alluriga. Grinding and repetition take a backseat to exploration, bizarre characters, and jokes about wimpy hands.


  • Two main quest lines that come together
  • SELECT which order you want to complete the game in: play through one character’s entire arc before starting the other’s. Choose carefully: the order you play in will confer advantages to the other character!
  • Unique dialogue and world building: exploration and talking to everyone and everything will be worth your while
  • Keep track of your progress as you try to earn the legendary 100% completion
  • In game currency is chicken nuggets
  • Pillars of Dust is aiming for a Q1 2020 release on PC. Follow its development on twitter.


    Quartet is a new JRPG from Shadows of Adam producer/composer Tyler Mire, with original character art from Shadows of Adam lead artist, Tim Wendorf, and writing and systems design from Patrick Holleman, author of the Reverse Design series.

    Eight heroes from four very different backgrounds come together to end the war for the control of magic. Along the way, they discover the secret history that shaped their world in unimaginable ways.


  • Eight diverse protagonist characters
  • Story-driven campaign
  • Four separate opening chapters than can be played in any order
  • Deep combat system featuring eight-character swap-in/swap-out combat
  • Multi-party puzzle dungeons to explore
  • Loads of secret items you can use to break the game
  • Quartet’s release window and targeted platforms will be announced in the future.

    We will be releasing more information about these games, including individual character showcases for Quartet, so please follow us on twitter: @somethingclassc

    Or join our awesome community over at discord.

    Weekly Content Blog #55: Learning From Experience

    Weekly Content Blog #55: Learning From Experience

    The other day out of the blue, an old friend sent me a message of Facebook. He was looking for a transcription I did 6 years ago and was wondering if I could sell him the parts so his college band could perform it. Having not looked at the piece in several years, I pulled open the file on my computer to find… awfulness, complete awfulness. The formatting was horrible, the chord voicings were rusty, and the attention to detail I have learned in the past years was not present. I promptly told my friend I would then spend the next few hours polishing up the piece and then I would send it to him. A few hours turned into a day, a day turned into a week, and a week turned into a month. What was acceptable to me 6 years ago, was no longer representative of the quality I try and achieve in 2017. This got me thinking about Shadows of Adam and my role as the composer. Since my first composition in October of 2013 to last week when I updated ZaknNik’s battle theme, I’ve learned a lot.

    1. A little bit of reverb goes a long way
    About 2 years in I discovered a small trick to make the pieces sound more coherent. I started running a small amount of reverb through an aux channel. This in turned applied the reverb equally to all instruments giving it a cohesive sound, almost as if all the instruments were being played in the same space. This may seem obvious to most, but my background was always as a composer and not necessarily a sound designer. Once learning this I promptly remixed every tune I had done to that point.

    2. Make the most out of your themes (aka Melody is King)
    When writing some of the first pieces for SoA I knew I would want to come up with a handful of themes that could be re-used throughout. I ended up developing two main themes:

    Main Theme
    Curtis’s Theme

    From a pragmatic point of view, it made sense to re-use these because it saved me work, however I also felt it helped bring a cohesive story-centric perspective to the game. For instance, the main theme is reworked in a more minor key in a scene to show Asrael’s distress while Curtis’ theme was re-orchestrated to work for Orazio. At times, both themes have been used in counterpoint to help highlight specific story elements.

    3. Panning and Sonic Space
    When mixing your tunes it’s important to give some space in the panning to help instruments come out. If two instruments complement each other or occupy the same register, sometimes panning them straight across from each other can prevent it from sounding muddy. I also learned this trick from listening to old SNES tunes. A lot of times, harmony in the same instrument patch woudl be split into two tracks and panned on opposite sides. This is another way to create a more linear sounds with your instruments as opposed to blocks of sound where each note is hard to distinguish.

    4. Go with your gut
    I am a studied musician. In addition to my 6 years of higher ed (Bachelors and Masters in Music Composition) I have composed over 200 pieces of music for games, jazz ensembles, pop bands, and various other groups. However, I still firmly believe that the best music comes from instinct and imagination. I always try to write things that I can sing because they seem to flow naturally and feel the most musical. The craft I’ve developed is merely a tool I employ to help articulate my musical ideas. That is not to say that I am not challenging myself to learn new harmonies, melodic constructions, or ways to phrase, but that it is ok being comfortable with my instincts. They’ve served me well.

    5. Sleep on it
    Sometimes this is the most important thing to do when composing a new piece. Frequently at the start of a new tune I would write as much down as I could come up with. Things would write itself for a bit, then I would inevidently hit a wall. At this point, I would begin to feel that my ideas were becoming forced and that I needed to take a break. I always found a long walk or a day off helped me recharge and come back with more creative juices. Occasionally, on walks with my dog I would replay the song in my head over and over, and imagine all the possibilities for it. This would help me get a good big picture concept and fine tune the ideas I already had. The most extreme example of this was the final boss theme. I started it in Jan of 2014 and finished it in the fall of 2016!

    Looking back I am very grateful for the three plus years of writing I’ve done for Shadows of Adam. I’ve grown a lot as a musician and I am very proud of what we all have achieved.

    Stay tuned for updates on the official Shadows of Adam release date! If you haven’t done so you can pre-order Shadows of Adam or contact us on our may social media outlets:

    Humble Bundle:


    All the best!