Weekly Content Blog #7: Level Design – The First Day

Weekly Content Blog #7: Level Design – The First Day

In the beginning, Luke created a map file called testLevel.js. Now testLevel.js was formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the cursor of Luke was hovering over the abyss.
And Luke said, “Let there be light,” but nothing happened. And Luke realized that ImpactJS’s level editor still did not incorporate voice-recognition technology despite months of whining for this feature on the ImpactJS Suggestions forum.

So Luke left-clicked and land or something land-like appeared. And Luke saw that it was good.

Well, not really. It was actually pretty crappy and incomplete looking. In fact, even Luke was not sure what the hell he was looking at. Something like grass maybe?

No matter. Whatever it was, it was clearly distinguishable from the darkness, so hey, that was something. Certainly enough to call it a day. And there was evening and morning—the first day.

Then the next morning, Tyler M. PMed Luke on Skype: “Where the @#$% is the new level?!” And Luke was very afraid and changed his Skype status to “Away.”

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