How to Re-map gamepad buttons for Shadows Of Adam

How to Re-map gamepad buttons for Shadows Of Adam

Currently, you can’t re-map gamepad buttons to different functions within Shadows Of Adam. However, you can edit a configuration file outside the game to accomplish this. This post will cover how to do this, specifically for Windows 10. It should provide a good idea how to do it for other operating systems as well.

1. Find config-new.json
This configuration file contains the gamepad mappings. Its location varies based on your OS.

Windows location:
C:\Users\[user name]\%APPDATA%/Shadows of Adam

The AppData folder is typically hidden. You may need to show hidden items in your [user name] folder.

In Windows 10:
a) Click View tab
b) Checkmark Hidden items

AppData folder should appear:

Note: The location of config-new.json may vary slightly depending on Windows version. I’m on Windows 10 and the locations is: C:\Users\Luke\AppData\Roaming\Shadows of Adam\

Unfortunately, I don’t have more detailed instructions for Mac or Linux. config-new.json should be at the following location in those operating systems:

~/Library/Application Support/Shadows of Adam

~/. config/Shadows of Adam


2. Open config-new.json.  

Use a plain text editor. For Windows, we can use a text editor like Notepad, which should be the default in most cases.

3. Find the keys mappings to edit

With the file open, run a search. Press CTRL + F to open Find dialogue. Type in JOY_START and click Find Next.

You should see the following three values. These represent the three action buttons in Shadows of Adam.

4. Edit the key mappings

Change the JOY_START, JOY_ENTER, and JOY_BACK values to a different mapping by changing the number to the right of the colon.

Here are all the mappings for face buttons, shoulder buttons, start, and select buttons.

FACE_1: 256,
FACE_2: 257,
FACE_3: 258,
FACE_4: 259,
SELECT: 264,
START: 265,

For example, to use a face button instead of the start button on our gamepad, we could change JOY_START: 265 to JOY_START: 258. The value 258 is FACE_3, the third face button on a gamepad.

5. Don’t forget to save!

That’s it! I hope this was helpful!

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