60% Funded & New Backer Rewards!

60% Funded & New Backer Rewards!

What’s at the top?
Today the surge has really picked up, and we’ve found ourselves quickly hitting the 60% funded mark. With all of your support you have also unlocked the first surge reward! When this game is funded, each backer will get a Shadows of Adam desktop background illustrated by professional artist Kim Herbst.

Thanks to a tremendous effort on reddit the surge meter is cruising straight for the next reward. We will reveal what the reward is next update, will it be unlocked by then? If you forgot or don’t know how to unlock the surge rewards this list will remind you.

And don’t forget to vote yes for us on steam! Comments go a long way!

And now for today’s update. We have upgraded and changed the Shard Guardian, Legendary Hero, and Wraith Lord tiers.

Shard Guardian -you can now design the weapon AND armor for the hero of your choice

Pledge and pick your favorite before it’s too late!

Legendary Hero
-Now includes the Design a Quest reward. Lowered cost by $50

Wraith Lord
-Now includes the Design a Quest reward. Lowered cost by $100

Be sure to take advantage of these new deals while you can. The surge is growing and they’ll be snapped up before you know it!

And finally we will wrap up this update pointing you to a project in need of a surge. Overpower is an arena shooter inspired by the MOBA and MMO genre. Customize 4 different classes and enter
into multiplayer deathmatch mayhem! With 5 days left, it is unlikely to be funded, but a little bit of awareness can go a long way.

As always, if you have yet to back or have been meaning to increase your pledge be sure to check out our main page.

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