Introducing the heroes of Quartet!

Introducing the heroes of Quartet!

Alexandra Hin
Element: Earth
Weapon: Oracle cards
Combat Role: Tank
Age: 19
Origin: Wallside, Seren
Occupation: Shop Girl

Alexandra lives in the modern city of Seren, running the family store after her mother inexplicably falls into a coma. Needing money to pay for her mother’s ongoing care, Alexandra agrees to help her brother Alvin with his shady business dealings. Her story takes an unexpected turn when she comes into possession of a deck of cards with mysterious magical properties.

Ben Balani
Element: Wind
Weapon: Kitchen utensils
Combat Role: AoE Magic, buffs
Age: 34
Origin: Unincorporated territory, northern Tyche
Occupation: Cook

The head cook at a fashionable restaurant in the city of Akos, Ben finds himself out of a job when he manifests magical powers late in life—accidentally destroying his workplace! He wakes up several days later to find that he has come under the watch of the Order of the Phylax, a group that monitors mages in Tyche.

Cordelia Helmont
Element: Water
Weapon: Staff
Combat Role: Magical damage, debuffs
Age: 26
Origin: Leornin City, Kingdom of Leornia
Occupation: Mage

The daughter of a well-respected and successful doctor in the capital city of Leornin, Cordelia switched her field of study from medicine to magical law after his untimely death. After graduating at the top of her class, she lost her rightful position in the royal bureaucracy because of a minor political scandal. Frustrated and bitter, she sets out for the frontier of the Kingdom to make a name for herself.

Nikolai Proch
Element: Fire
Weapon: Rifle
Combat role: Healing over time, physical damage
Age: 27
Origin: Village of Therme, Auslen Empire
Occupation: Sergeant

The son of a baker from a small village, Nikolai joined the Auslen Army to see more of the world. After serving as a firefighter and rising to the rank of sergeant, he was surprised by being selected to lead a squad tracking rogue mages on the frontier. His superiors give him a strange new device made for the task, and send him deep into the woods searching for the base of the raider Apingorix.

Jerome Renault
Element: Water
Weapon: Sword
Combat Role: Direct heals, physical damage
Age: 29
Origin: Lorene, Leornian Protectorate
Occupation: Doctor, Spy

A one-time student of Cordelia’s father, he loses his passion for medicine after the death of his mentor. He accepts a job offer from a secret department of the government, and disappears from Leornian society. He encounters Cordelia by coincidence when she arrives in the frontier.

Element: Wind
Combat Role: HP tank, physical damage
Weapon: None
Age: 25
Origin: Windswept plains, Barbarian Country
Occupation: Euruphant

A sentient grazing creature, Juna flees her home when her herd is attacked by a mysterious new predator. After a long and dangerous journey, she crosses paths with an expedition from the city of Seren. She agrees to go back with them, and takes refuge in the Seren National Zoo while she recovers from her wounds and fatigue.

Element: Earth
Combat Role: Physical damage, dodge/evasion tank
Weapon: Dagger, Javelin
Age: 27
Origin: Birthplace unknown, raised in Akos
Occupation: Phylaka

One of many orphans who found their way to the city of Akos in Tyche, Agata was adopted into the Order of the Phylax. She serves to police the city’s mages and track down illegal magic. She is assigned to watch Ben after he manifests his powers late in life.

Element: Fire
Combat Role: Damage over time, buffs and debuffs
Weapon: Gauntlets
Age: ???
Origin: Ruins of Stral
Occupation: Memory Golem

A magical creature sometimes called a “czarobotna,” Zikaron encounters Nikolai on his journey through the destroyed city of Stral. After Nikolai accidentally activates him, Zikaron follows Nikolai around, sending him cryptic messages through a series of illusions.

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