Weekly Content Blog #41: Updates, Updates and More Updates!

Weekly Content Blog #41: Updates, Updates and More Updates!

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We want to thank all of our backers once again for the incredible support! Running the Kickstarter campaign has been an incredibly humbling experience for all of us. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign, we have been working incredibly hard on the game. In this update, we are going to show off some screenshots, some GIFs and provide an overall progress report regarding the state of the game. This post will be media heavy, so I apologize in advance to those who may have a slower internet connection! Also, if you have not yet done so, come join us on our forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/

Since our last update, how have we progressed?

The Story
From the start, we wanted Shadows of Adam to focus heavily on story and character development, with a central theme being a journey of self-discovery. We did not want to weave a tale filled with the clichés of old: “Our village was destroyed…” / “An ancient evil is awakening” / “Collect the crystals to save the world from doom!”. Instead, we wanted to share a story about how four unlikely friends (Or siblings, in Kellan and Asrael’s case :)) react to the changing world around them. Of course, we still have many tropes of games past, but we wanted the story of SoA to be something different from the norm. As development has progressed and the cut scenes that established the histories of these characters were developed and fleshed out, the player will develop a strong connection with these characters and will understand the motives that drive them, even if we do not explicitly state their motive. The story is definitely a strength, and we are very excited for everyone to experience it 🙂

New Enemies
When we released the SoA demo during our Kickstarter campaign, we received a significant amount of feedback regarding enemy weaknesses and strengths. Players wanted to see battles play out more like a puzzle, where certain enemies are more immune to some attacks but weaker to others. This was always our intention. The Wind Tower will definitely please those players who want to see enemies with a wider range of abilities. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign, we were working hard on developing more enemy varieties and giving them additional abilities. In the Wind Tower, you will encounter enemies that have full immunity to physical attacks as well as enemies which give immediate rebound damage. Some may even receive more than one action in a single round, overwhelming your defenses. Here are three screenshots showing off some of the new enemy sprites we have inside the Wind Tower.

Defend Command!
Another recurring request we have received was for a ‘Defend’ or a ‘Wait’ command. Due to the nature of our AP System, maybe you want to withhold an attack or action for a round in order to recover some valuable AP. We took the suggestions and had a great discussion in this thread: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/threads/lengthy-demo-feedback-battle-ui-maps-and-a-bug.6/ and took it a step further. When you use a ‘Defend’ ability, you receive additional perks instead of the regular defense boost and AP% restore boost. In Misty Woods, there are enemies who would constantly counter your physical attacks. Well, go back to that area and use Kellan’s ‘Parry’ command and smack them right back with a counter! Click the thumbnails to see what each ‘Defend’ command does for each character.

Introducing Talon
We gave Talon a short character teaser back in Dev log #34, but we were mostly silent regarding the abilities Talon has in the game. All of Talon’s skills are called ‘Tricks’, with the offensive abilities based on chance. His signature move, the aptly named “Pick a Card” ability, has Talon shuffle a deck of cards and then flip one at random. Further, he possesses many defensive abilities that makes him a very difficult target to strike in battle.

Water Garden!
Legend says that before the Wraith War, the Water Garden was the most beautiful and wondrous location in the world. Today, the water garden is an overgrown ruin. Mechanically, the water garden is a very interesting location. The heroes have to drain pools of water to open new passageways, deal with ancient guardians, and manipulate an old Wraith War artifact to control pillars of water. It may be a ruin today, but it is still a pretty area to explore :).

Bonus Promotional Shots
The first continent in Shadows of Adam in 4k resolution!
The Water Garden in 4K resolution!

Report Card

  • Currently our artists are prioritizing art tasks for our backer Alpha Demo. This demo will provide gameplay up to the end of the Wind Tower and will be given to all backers. Once these art tasks are near complete, we will be sending off the surveys and allocating tasks to the artists to fulfill all in-game art requirements for backer rewards.
  • Currently all maps are designed and feature complete, sans backer specific rewards (Such as NPCs), with the exception of the final dungeon. Art tasks have been created for the final dungeon.
  • All in-game events have been implemented from the game script, with the exception of the final dungeon. The total event count is currently at 210; at the end of our Kickstarter campaign we had 130 events completed. We currently have 111 different level IDs; at the end of our Kickstarter we had 74 level IDs. Please note: These level IDs represent the amount of individual level files we have in the game. They do not represent ‘unique’ levels that can be explored.
  • Our 500 Point backer reward: a custom drawn desktop BG given to all backers is currently in production.
  • Our 1000 point backer reward: All Kickstarter backers will get an exclusive live orchestral recording of the Magma Sanctum song. We are working on this now and will get it sent out shortly.
  • Our 1200 point backer reward: a digital art book will be worked on once our backer alpha demo is sent out.
  • Finally, if you have not yet done so, feel free to register on our forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/. All backers receive a special ribbon 🙂
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