Weekly Content Blog #42: Tyler’s Back!

Weekly Content Blog #42: Tyler’s Back!

Hello everyone! Tyler Mire here.

As you may wonder from the title, I was gone for a little bit! From Feb 17th-April 15th I was in Navy Basic Training. The timing was a bit odd as the last two days of our Kickstarter campaign occurred when I got to basic training. The last I had checked we were around $3,000 away from our goal. It wasn’t until 2 weeks later when I got my first letter from my wife I had learned that we were successful funded!

Now being primarily the composer for Shadows of Adam, I knew that my absence would not halt the progress of our game (I had every track composed except the final boss music). Luke agreed to take on my collateral role as scene designer and ended up finishing the remaining scenes of the game while I was away. Once I graduated and returned to “real life” I was amazed at how far our game progressed. I especially enjoyed seeing all the new graphics that we commissioned with our kickstarter funds. Since being back I have been working diligently, polishing and testing like crazy!

We decided as a team to re-commit to updating our devlog every week now. We want you as our fans and backers to have constant updates on our progress and know we are working around the clock to make you the best game possible! Here’s a few things I’ve been working on:

-Set up monsters for the town of Borges. It involves sneaking in and out back doors and underground basement passageways that connect the town:

An anotated map from Luke giving suggestions for enemy and monster placement.
An annotated map from Luke giving suggestions for enemy and monster placement.

-Set up monsters for the Haunted Swamp. A spooky, swampland filled with un-dead monsters:
Spooky monsters!

How the monster looks in battle! New monsters funded by your generous KS pledges!
How the monster looks in battle! New monsters funded by your generous KS pledges!

-I’ve started a Twitch Channel!

I’m looking forward to showing you the game via play-throughs, bug testing and any other requests you may have. I am very new to this so I am looking for any comments or suggestions in what you like to see in a live stream.

I am happy to announce that besides the last dungeon, Shadows of Adam is 100% mapped out. In addition we have nearly every monster animated now and every scene completed. At this point what lies ahead is A LOT of polish. Repeated testing for monster balance, presentation, bugs, typos, and other misc things. We are really excited to be so close but have dedicated ourselves to taking our time to make sure this is the best possible project we can give you all. Target date is still August 2016.

Again thanks from all of us at SC for helping make our kickstarter and Steam Greenlight a huge success! We cannot wait to get you guys this game! Hold tight and keep following us for weekly updates. Also please visit any of our other social media outlets:

E-mail: info@somethingclassic.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SomethingClassc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SomethingClassicGames/
Forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/somethingclassic

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