Weekly Content Blog #53: The Arena and the Forge

Weekly Content Blog #53: The Arena and the Forge

Welcome to the 53rd installment of our (occasionally) weekly content blog! To celebrate this special occasion, I am going to go over a couple of backer specific bonus areas!

The Arena


On the bottom floor of the infamous Artifactor’s Guild lies the arena, where the bravest of warriors test their luck against a variety of foes. In practical terms, there will be a series of challenges to choose from, each presenting a series of battles based on locations you visited in the game.


Each tier consists of 5 battles, which are more difficult versions of enemy encounters seen previously. You cannot access the menu in between battles while you’re in the arena. To make things even trickier, your inventory is temporarily replaced with a tier-specific inventory, and your team will experience a unique handicap.


The handicaps vary from being limited to only using skills, to all skills doing 150% damage, to enemies being much more likely to dodge physical attacks.


The tiers will be challenging, even if you’re well prepared! But should you clear through these challenges, the rewards will be immense. We have largely completed the development side of the arena and look forward to fleshing it out in the testing phase!

The Forge


Another unique area in the Artifactor’s Guild is The Forge. When you first visit this place, you will be given a unique artifact, which may appear useless at first. However, you will quickly learn the power of this artifact: it contains three slots to place existing artifacts, allowing you to craft a custom accessory with great power. You want a single artifact that raises a hero’s HP, makes them attack twice, and attack all enemies at once? The forge can get you there.

We’re still working on the development aspect of The Forge, but it will add another dimension to the gameplay for those who are so inclined! We hope to get this all wrapped up soon, and we can’t wait for Shadows of Adam to be released to the public!

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