Weekly Content Blog #54: Looking Back

Weekly Content Blog #54: Looking Back

Some three years since it all began, here I sit, looking back on the journey that has been Shadows of Adam. So it seems appropriate to look back at some of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

1. Good dialogue doesn’t just write itself, except when it does.

An example of some particularly stellar writing…

2. You really need a team you can trust. And I do trust in my team. All zero of them I have met in real life.

You know you’re an alcoholic when…

3. You can’t be good at everything, but you can try. And fail. Thank god for the wonders of the division of labor.

Kellan is NOT a good pirate

4. Always be closing. Sure you can make a game, but can you sell it? If you want to quit your day job and make more games, you’ll probably have to. Definitely not the fun part of making a game, but you should have your sales pitch in hand early on.

The catchy slogan sell! Always be closing!

The super hard you’ll-die-without-this-product sell. Always be closing!
The hahaha-there-are-no-slimes-in-the-Misty-Woods-I’m-a-freakin’-liar sell! Always be closing!
The drunk-frat-boy-pickup-line sell? Always be… yeah, not happening.

5. Number three again. You can’t be good at everything, so get help with marketing.

I hope this has been as eye-opening and insightful as my two minutes of deep reflection led me to believe. Until next time.

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